Family Constellation Work – Workshop with Andrea Brenner

Family Constellation Work supports you profoundly to:

✓ find ways out of conflicts and stressful patterns with family members
✓ fully take your space in the family and life itself
✓ reveal projections and live fulfilling relationships in self responsibility
✓ find your calling in life and open for success in job / business
✓ see hidden dynamics of sickness, addiction and find solutions for health
✓ find a way out of overwhelming feelings of guilt
✓ find a loving way how to deal with challenging children
✓ end a relationship in appreciation and open for a new partner
✓ go stabil through difficult constellations in patchwork families
✓ free yourself from overtaken limiting family karma.

This work is very powerful, deeply transforming and changes the way you look on relationships. It can open a life changing process into more freedom and happiness. Constellations are a therapeutic work in a group setting with representatives for the members of your family system. Even taking part as
representative/observer is highly beneficial.
Workshop includes a own constellation, a family Genogramm and “blessing of 7 generations“.

• 1 day workshop 4 March -11am/5pm – 70€ for members of and 90€ for non members of Re-Criativa República 14.
– 40€ for taking part as observer without a constellation.
– First 6 registrations get a guaranteed constellation.

Dr. Andrea Brenner –
Phone: 0049-172-2044474